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Corporate Vantage

Corporate Vantage

A flexible, tax-efficient workplace savings option

  • Tax-efficient, easy access investment wrapper
  • Cost-effective for your scheme and employees
  • Fully branded website for your employees to access
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What is Corporate Vantage?

Corporate Vantage is a flexible 'corporate wrap' (also known as 'workplace savings' or a 'corporate platform') that offers a 21st century alternative to the traditional company pension. An alternative that increases engagement, increases awareness of an employer’s benefit spend and gives employees what they want.

Rather than just a pension, employers and employees can contribute through payroll into a choice of ISA, pension, and fund and share accounts.

Employees can manage their accounts via an online employer branded website, over the phone, through the post or face-to-face.

Who is Corporate Vantage for?

Corporate Vantage appeals to all employees. From those who are disengaged with pensions, to those who want to mix and match between medium and long term savings. It includes attractive alternatives for higher earners and those in defined benefit schemes caught out by the decrease in the annual pension allowance. At the same time it offers something for younger employees who may well be saving for a first home.

Corporate Vantage offers your employees all the investment choice they could want, while offering those with less financial awareness a range of default funds and model portfolios.

At the heart of Corporate Vantage is a fantastic financial education and communication service available online, through the post, by phone or face-to-face with our expert communication team.

How you can use Corporate Vantage

  • Complete alternative to a traditional defined contribution company pension
  • Bolt-on to an existing pension - defined contribution or defined benefit
  • Main scheme or executive/partner scheme (for limited liability partnerships)
  • Stand-alone pension or ISA
  • Flex-compatible
  • Home for maturing share scheme benefits

Benefits of Corporate Vantage

  • Increase employee engagement
    Corporate wraps encourage employees to interact with their investments, increasing engagement and participation levels.
  • Increase awareness of your benefit spend
    Money can be wasted if an employer provides benefits which employees don't even realise are being offered. Corporate Vantage gives employees benefits they want, via a website branded to your organisation.
  • Financial education and employee communication
    Financial education is core to offering a better benefits package. Employees have access to free investment information, fund alert services, tools, guides and calculators to help them make better investment decisions. Employee communication is provided online, through the post and face-to-face via group seminars and one-to-one meetings.
  • Wide investment choice
    Corporate Vantage offers the widest investment choice in the corporate wrap market. For those employees who want the choice, there is access to more than 2,500  funds, shares, investment trusts, gilts, corporate bonds, exchange traded funds, and cash. For those less financially aware there are model portfolios and default fund options.
  • Cost-effective for your scheme and your employees
    It won’t normally cost your company a penny to implement or manage. Corporate Vantage can also save your employees money as we negotiate discounts from fund managers and pass these onto members.

How much does it cost?

The Corporate Vantage service can be implemented with no explicit cost to employers, making it a great value option. Also, with a corporate wrap there is no additional cost to offer a wide range of well researched funds, something that is expensive and risky to do with trust-based defined contribution schemes.

How it works

The table below gives a summary of each account, allowing you to find out more information. Please remember the value of tax savings depends on your circumstances and tax rules can change over time.


Tax-efficient investing
A great solution for employees looking to complement a pension.
More about ISAs

  • Grows free of Capital Gains Tax and no further tax on the income
  • Employer and employee contributions, flexible access
  • A great solution for a young work force wanting more flexibility
  • Provides a solution for higher earners who have maxed out on their pension allowance
  • Home for maturing share scheme benefits


A cost-effective pension
A low-cost pension with wide investment choice & market beating savings on funds, at no extra cost.
More about SIPPs

  • One of the lowest cost Group SIPPs available
  • Can be used as main scheme or executive plan
  • High quality default funds available
  • Often no annual management fees
  • Home for maturing share scheme benefits

Funds & Shares

Flexible investing
A flexible account for those who prefer, or must hold investments outside a tax-wrapper.
More about Fund & Share Account

  • Invest in funds, shares and other assets
  • Hold investments outside a tax wrapper
  • Easy to set up
  • Telephone access, or access online 24/7
  • Home for maturing share scheme benefits

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Did you know?

With a Corporate Wrap
there is no difference
in cost to the
employer whether
employees have
access to two or 2,000 funds.

The Corporate Vantage Wrap gives employees access to over 2,500 funds.

Investment choice in the Corporate Vantage Wrap

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Did you know?

in-houseEverything is done in-house, from our fund platform to our employee communication services, smoothing our administration and improving the client experience.


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  • 476,000 individual Vantage clients
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